Avent Natural Newborn Starter Set

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Make bottle-feeding a breeze from the beginning with this Avent Classic Newborn Starter Set.

The Natural Bottle is designed to make feeding easier for baby. The wide breast-shaped teat encourages natural latch on, making it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding. Petals inside the teat allow for just the right flexibility, without blocking the flow. The ingenious twin valve is designed to protect against colic and discomfort, venting air into the bottle instead of your little one's tummy. The ergonomically friendly bottle shape can be held comfortably in any direction—even by baby’s little hands.

Benefits & Features:

  • Innovative twin valve design reduces colic and discomfort
  • Breast-shaped nipple for natural latch on
  • Unique petals for a soft, flexible teat without collapse
  • Easy to hold and grip in any direction
  • Silicone soother with orthodontic, collapsible teat
  • Simple to assemble, use and clean
  • BPA free
  • Compatible with the majority of the Philips AVENT range, excluding Classic bottles
  • Philips AVENT Natural bottles are recommended for use with Philips AVENT Natural teats only
  • Contains: 2x Natural 125ml bottles, 2x Natural 260ml bottles, a bottle and teat brush, and a newborn soother

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