Prescription Services

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At McCabes Pharmacy, we aim to provide you with a prescription service that makes life easier for you and your family.

Exclusive to McCabes Pharmacy, EasyScript is the complete prescription solution that makes it quicker, safer and easier to receive your prescription than ever before.

Our range of prescription services include:

Prescription Services


GP Collection Service

We collect your repeat prescription from your doctor’s surgery and have your
medication ready to collect at a convenient time. Applicable to certain types of
prescription only. (Subject to your doctor’s consent.)

Delivery Service

A FREE prescription delivery service right to your door.

Medicine Shortages & Discontinued Lists

Each month we can issue you with a manufacturer medicine shortage &
discontinued list.

Stock Orders and Specialist Items

We are happy to pick up your stock order & deliver the stock to your surgery
at a time that suits you. We can refill stock orders within 24 hours. We source
unlicensed medicines quickly & efficiently and we prepare extemporaneous
preparations at all our locations.

Advance Prescription Preparation

We can text, email or telephone you to let you know when your repeat monthly
prescription is ready for collection.

Prescription Click & Collect

This lets you order your prescription by mobile phone and shop 24 hours online.
Also has a handy medicine reminder alarm.

EasyMed Tablet Organiser

A personalised tablet tray that organises your daily medications, minimises confusion
and helps keep you on track to take your medication at the right time.

Residential and Institutional Care

We provide full services to nursing homes tailored to their requirements including
pouches, trays, MUR sheets and delivery service, all in compliance with HIQA
standards. We are experienced in supplying nursing homes and state run institutions.

Emergency Dispensing Assistance

When you cannot get to your usual McCabes Pharmacy simply pop into another
branch where the pharmacist can view your medication history through our
networked computer server and assist with any queries you may have.

Medication Usage Review

This FREE service helps you or a carer understand your medicines; what each
medicine is for and how and when to take it to get the best results.

Out of Hours Telephone Service

This FREE service entitles you to receive a dedicated patient care telephone number
so you can avail of the pharmacist’s help. This service is available for those on
complex medication regimes and those with serious illnesses.

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

Where your practice does not provide or cannot keep up with patient demand, we
can provide your patients with 24 hour blood pressure monitors. Patients can return
their results to you on a graph clearly showing their blood pressure changes
throughout the day.


To register for EasyScript services please download and print the image below and bring to your local McCabes Pharmacy.

Please contact your local McCabes Pharmacy should you have any queries about our services.

(Click the image to view the Leaflet on Pharmacy Services)

Pharmacy Services Leaflet